Electrical Maintenance Services.

Here at The Maintenance Group Ltd , we know that electrical Installations need maintaining and servicing on a regular basis as recommended in the British standard wiring regulations.
This can be done by undertaking visual inspections to full electrical testing.
We can carry out the right series of servicing to meet your requirements to make sure your property or business is safe, meets current standards and to identify any hazards that may arise and to prevent them from causing serious injury.
It can be a requirement of your building insurance to have these tested and checked regularly to make sure you are covered in the event of something unfortunate happening.
If you have a home or business that has an Emergency Lighting system, Fire Alarm, Security Alarm and CCTV System, then it is recommended these are regularly serviced and maintained to make sure that these systems will work in the event of an Emergency and to identify any failures that may cause any issues under fault.
We can provide a high level of servicing for your property or business to make sure your systems keep you safe and protected.

To discuss how we can be of service to you please call on 01924971044.