Fire Safety Maintenance Services.

If you are the owner or responsible person of a commercial building and you employ more than five people, you are legally obliged to make sure that your staff, your business and your building are adequately protected from fire.
This means a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment is in place, this is where The Maintenance Group Ltd can help!
Having an up to date fire risk assessment in place and evidence that you have put policies and procedures in place to protect your premises dramatically reduces the risk of fire, and proves that you have taken steps as a responsible employer to safeguard your staff, customers, visitors or tenants.
From an initial Fire Risk Assesment to identify potential hazards at your premises through to practical help and ongoing support, The Maintenance Group Ltd will help you sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that your business meets fire safety regulations and your staff, premises, customers or tenants are protected.

To discuss how we can be of service to you please call on 01924971044.