Overflowing manhole in Barnsley!

Our jetting team have been out today to an overflowing manhole in Barnsley
They began by rodding the furthest manhole into the main drains to being moving the blockage, found a large quantity of baby wipes and sanitary items blocking the pipework, once the blockage began to move they used the jetting hose to clear the remaining blockage.

Once this began moving, they jetted out the remaining pipework to ensure the blockage was cleared. Cleaned the excess waste that had overflowed onto the footpath, as well as the chambers

Using the ScanScope camera, the engineers checked the drains and the team found no more blockage. The tenant was asked to flush their toilet to ensure no issues were left.

The issue here was that feminine hygiene products and wipes had been flushed down the toilet. These items gather in pipework and eventually cause a blockage.

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